How to make UIDatePicker in iOS with Swift

How to make UIDatePicker in iOS with Swift


Create Custom UISlider with gradient background

Create Custom UISlider with gradient background

Hi Guyz. In this section i will be creating a custom UISlider using DrawRect: method and three background color for gradient. The images and screenshot of this section is here attached with. In the similar way you can have your own color as per your requirement.

Apple Push Notification Services in iOS

Working on Push notification setup in iOS 8 and older version.

How to enable remote push notification in ios sdk.

If we check in iOS 8 , Push notification have some minor changes, other things have same. so in this tutorial we will learn on all iOS version Push notification setup.

What is push notification ?

In iOS, apps can’t do a lot in the background. Apps are only allowed to do limited set of activities so battery life is conserved.
For example, maybe the user received a new tweet, their favorite team won the game, or their dinner is ready. Since the app isn’t currently running, it cannot check for these events.

How to remove storyboards and Add xib in project

How to remove storyboards and Add xib in  project .
Because I don’t like storyboard in bigger project more than 4-5 screen .  When we start new project its auto create storyboards , Now we want remove storyboard and add xib in our project.